UNC’s Anoop Desai (Clef Hangers) representing on American Idol

Anoop Dogg.

For those of you living in caves, North Carolina already has a strong contender (and sleeper might I add) in Anoop Desai. From UNC and a major soloist from the Clef Hangers, Anoop has a pretty wide range and a great sense of humor. I think we’ll see great things from him and should see him in the Final 10.  Check out some videos featuring Anoop Dogg below. Digg it here.

Disclaimer: I do not hold it against Anoop that he went to UNC, continue to vote people.

UPDATE: Anoop Desai sailed through the first round of Idol’s Hollywood auditions, and will be back on tonight’s American Idol at 8pm. [Chapel Hill News]

UPDATE II: Anoop Desai wasn’t featured on tonight’s show (2/4/09), but made it through and had the last few lines on the show singing “My Perogative.”  Tune in next week and continue to pull for Anoop.

UPDATE III: Anoop Desai is still rolling!  He was the first person shown on the show on 2/11/09 and has made it into the next round.  Keep supporting him and get your phones ready to start voting!

UPDATE IV: 3/17/09 – Anoop had an incredible showing with Willie Nelson’s Always on My Mind. Video below:


American Idol Audition

Because of You


The Only One for Me


Buy You a Drank


Kiss Kiss


My Love


I’ll Make Love to You