Avoid Cash4Gold even though they had a Super Bowl ad – Scam Alert

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I’m sure we all watched the Super Bowl and saw the Cash4Gold ad with some celebrities touting the great benefits of sending in your jewelry and receiving cash for it.  There is a great deal of information (mostly on Consumerist) on Cash4Gold and I thought it would be nice to aggregate it into one post.

Full frontal assault.

UPDATE: I received an email from Cash4Gold regarding this post (linking to other sources), actually the exact same email listed here: Take No Prisoners.  An aggressive PR campaign that in my opinion is only hurting their brand perception.

The Dirt.

Read the email that was sent to me and feel free to contact Weronika – Cash4Gold PDF Attached.

Cash4Gold Super Bowl Commercial


Example 1: 10 Confessions Of A Cash4Gold Employee

Example 2: Cash4Gold Offers Blogger $3,000 To Remove Negative Post

More resources are available thanks to The Consumerist.  Thanks to Nick for bringing this to my attention.