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Chris Moody sued over a blog post

Chris Moody is a marketing dork.

Marketing changes daily. Most marketers aren’t keeping up. I’m one of the few trying to do something about that. Serving the team at Stax as VP, Brand Marketing is currently my passion. ūüôā

All views here are my own.

Switching to third person now to make me sound more official-like.

Why book Chris as a speaker?

Chris Moody is an acclaimed speaker with over 15 years of marketing experience at companies like Gartner, TOPO, GE, Oracle, Red Hat and Bandwidth. Having had the honor of being hired, fired, acquired, served, deposed and sued over a blog post, Chris brings real world experience with actionable takeaways. In the last two years, he’s spoken at over 60 events and recently received a 4.8/5.0 ranking at MarketingProfs B2B.

Chris is featured in several NY Times best-selling marketing books and has spoken at Dreamforce, Harvard University, Content Marketing World, MarketingProfs B2B (x2), Content Summit Israel, ExactTarget Connections, Internet Summit (x2), Social Fresh (x5),  Eloqua Experience, Ignite Raleigh, Indy Big Data and many more. He also co-founded and hosted the Content Pros podcast, one of the leading podcasts for content marketing professionals.

All recent speaker reviews – good, bad, ugly

  • Great session. Mixed humor with real everyday challenges we as marketers struggle with and boiled it down to key focus areas.
  • I liked his presentation very much and his style of presenting kept me interested. A few more examples would have been helpful.
  • I loved this session!
  • One of my favorites overall – tons of takeaways.
  • Very funny!
  • Chris was one of the most engaging and awesome speakers at this conference!
  • Excellent, well paced, actionable advice.
  • Loved the gifs.
  • More gifs.
  • I loved, loved this session! I appreciated his great sense of humor, yet knew he is clearly an exceptionally talented marketer. He provided tangible information to take backs, and an awesome new way to add gifs, making this one of my favorite sessions so far!
  • Very good…. (they had four dots)
  • Great session, great speaker
  • One of my favorite presentations. I would highly recommend it. It was funny, informative, well thought out, and easy to apply to my own job and business.
  • Great session!
  • Very informative! One of the best presentations!
  • One of the best sessions!
  • Moar gifs
  • Chris not only got to the point with actual helpful, real-talk tips, but he was also well rehearsed and poised. I have been to several presentations where the speaker comes off too cocky, or speaks over your head or uses big words for no reason, or just yells. Chris just spoke like he was having a one-on-one convo and it was refreshing.
  • Needs more gifs!
  • Absolutely wonderful presentation. I loved the sense of humour and it was very useful.
  • Excellent presentation…maybe my favorite so far!
  • Loved this presentation – one of my favorites!
  • Thank you!
  • Straight forward info and seems like I can do this right away.
  • A bit cliche.
  • Good reminders of common sense best practices.
  • All those gifs made me dizzy. Overkill.¬†Lost any valuable info Chris had to offer with all the sophmoric attempts at humor. (yes, he¬†misspelled sophomoric)
  • He was great. I will definitely tweet/email more questions.
  • This was a great session.
  • Fantastic!
  • I really liked Chris’s presentation style – interactive while giving solid information at the same time.
  • His use of .gifs in the presentation kept everyone smiling and on their toes. This was one of the most engaging sessions I attended!
  • Excellent speaker, very entertaining and lots of relevant content. I hope Chris is back for 2017!
  • Someone I would reach out to as a resource.
  • Awesome job…maybe a few too many gifs.
  • This was one of my favorite sessions because of the quality of the speaker. He was relatable and helped be real with us. Good commentary.

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Triangle AMA Board of Directors and Programming

Speaking Events

A few speaking gigs highlighted to show that I’ve actually tricked a few people into letting me get up on stage to talk.

  • Dreamforce
  • Content Marketing World
  • Marketing Profs B2B
  • Content Summit Israel
  • ExactTarget Connections
  • Social Fresh
  • Internet Summit
  • Ignite Raleigh
  • Indy Big Data
  • Eloqua Experience
  • Triangle Social Media Boot Camp
  • Duke University
  • North Carolina State University
  • Meredith College
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Triangle AMA
  • Association of Information Technology Professionals

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