Business card on the phone, what’s that you say?


Go green, use SMS. is awesome.  Personally, I love my business card.  For the consulting that I do, I have a nice stamped business card on recycled cardboard that really stands out.  It’s simple, classy, and different.  Times are a changing though.

Many people don’t want piles of business cards.  Most scan them or input them into their computer to manage anyway.  And now there is Contxts…

In less than 3 minutes, you can have a profile setup and automatically send your business card to anyone that requests it via text message.  It’s simple, effective, and genius.

From there, you could choose to input the information to your phone as a contact, or just leave it in your Inbox and search for the information later in a convenient fashion.

Try it out.

  • Text daniel to 50500 for a sample business card, message me if you’d like mine.

Mashable has another great writeup on contxts.