Twitter takes coffee shop to a new level in Houston

Good Twituation.

There are TONS of coffee shops in busy cities.  Having the best coffee, service, food, atmosphere, or even prices can still leave you wanting more.  A Houston, TX based coffee shop was looking to increase their business and chose Twitter and social media as their method.

Their clientele doubled.

I’ll send you over to the full article shortly, but it is very important to note what happened here.  It wasn’t a massive blitz of adding followers and spamming their services, it was something we all know how to do and never do enough…listen.  They listened to their customers.  @maslowbeer said that it would be awesome if he could drive through and pick up a burrito, and @coffeegroundz was listening.  They met his request which wasn’t a huge sacrifice for them, but it catipulted their brand and their perception to a level I’m sure they didn’t even imagine Twitter could help them accomplish.  That’s the joy of social media folks.  You join communities, you listen, you help, and sometimes you can profit from that.

Read the full article here by @ericaogrady.