Social Media Practitioners: Your help is needed!

Help Social Media.

They say social media is dying.  They say social media has too much publicity.  They say nobody really knows what social media is.  Is that what you say?

The Situation

If you haven’t heard, NC State has added a social media course to its MBA Curriculum.  For those in the Raleigh area and the many @triangletweetup folks, this is great news!  MBA 590 Social Networks and Web 2.0 Media in Marketing will serve as a trendsetting course exploring all things social media, virtual world, and Web 2.0.

The Kicker

I’ve worked with Claudia Kimbrough for years in various Marketing courses at NC State and am fortunate enough to be a Visiting Lecturer for this course.  Having dipped my toes in social media, I’m smart enough to know that I don’t know everything.  There are tons of subject matter experts, and even a large number within driving distance to the NCSU campuses.  This leads me to my main point.

The Call to Action

With most of us having full-time jobs, massive amounts of responsibility, and priorities involving multiple departments in our organizations, social media has become a great personal branding outlet.  You can show your expertise, offer insight, connect to others, and build your network.  This is where we need your help.

Social media by nature is a living, breathing creature that is constantly evolving.  We want to keep this course fresh, up to date, and balanced.  This post is going to serve as a stake in the ground.  I’m appealing to you, the social media practitioners to propose what you feel should be included in this course.  It could be a number of things:

  • A core concept
  • A fundamental tool or product
  • An up and coming strategy
  • A social media network
  • Things to avoid doing or practicing
  • Tips for successful implementation

You are all smart people.  Please help us continue to add value to this course by suggesting what you would like to see included.  We may even call on some of you to join us in class for a session and impart your knowledge!

Trust is also important.  I can assure you that anything you suggest will be credited to you.  Whether it is in a course slideshow, or teaching a concept, we will make it a point to stress who suggested that “module” and help to increase your personal brand.

The fact that the course itself can be a social media outlet by having interactive content and suggestions is exciting.  I hope that some of you find this as appealing as I do.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Please help and post your feedback or suggestions below.