Twitter for Product Management

Twitter birds by Luc Latulippe

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to connect with Steve Johnson (@sjohnson717) at a Pragmatic Marketing training and we chatted about the need for a guide to Twitter for product managers.  There had been an introductory article, but they needed some examples.

I was happy to oblige and ended up being published in the Pragmatic Marketing newsletter.

I didn’t even post it on my blog for some reason.  My bad there. 🙂

To read the full article, “Real World Twitter Usage for Product Managers” simply hop over to Pragmatic Marketing.

Earlier this year, Nicole Reineke introduced Twitter to many product managers with Using Twitter for Product Management. The topic was well received and had a few comments about applying Twitter to markets that aren’t the most tech savvy.  As a product manager in a niche that isn’t often talked about, I felt it would be useful to walk through some of my experiences using Twitter in a niche where customers aren’t seeking out industry experts.