Everyone Needs A Dumb Guy – please vote! Money Back Guarantee.

I feel like I have a killer presentation for Ignite Raleigh.  Too many times companies are made up of similar people with similar interests doing smart things in big conference rooms or dimly lit computer labs, but is that enough?  I say no.

To succeed you need a dumb guy.  As this post goes active, I’ll be sitting in jury duty (fun times) and I can’t actively promote and engage folks to show them why this would be a great presentation.  With that, I ask for a bit of your trust and votes so that I can unveil this to the world at Ignite Raleigh (vote here please).

Money Back Guarantee

If you vote for me and I don’t live up to or exceed your expectations, I encourage you to call me out on my blog or via Twitter.  Five minutes move quickly, but I’m convinced that I can entertain you and add value to your business decisions – especially as they relate to customers.

As a teaser, I’ve included the intro slide below. 😉

If you have any questions that I can answer without spoilers, let me know via comments or Twitter. 🙂

Watch Everyone Needs A Dumb Guy from Ignite Raleigh 2.