SXSWi 2010 & Community Part 1: The Hoodie

SXSWi 2010 by Chris Moody

SXSWi 2010 Polaroids - click me

Today the world is full of digital tools to facilitate communication, build relationships and help us immerse ourselves in communities.  At times, I feel like we are all too dependent on the digital tools and many of us neglect building true, lasting relationships in person.

While most of my time at SXSWi was spent launching Phonebooth Free, I wanted to find a way to do something a little old-fashioned… actually document some of the cool relationships, stories and experiences in a non-digital manner.

I chose pictures… yes, Polaroid style pictures.  I’ll have a series of posts with a picture and the story or experience behind it.

The Hoodie

Who: Sledge (aka Chad Sattler)

Where: The Tweet House at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop

When: March 12, 2010

For those of us that know Sledge, you know that he’s one of a kind.  He’s an incredible Art Director, one of the best photographers you’ll ever meet, and pretty hilarious.  We beat the crowd and arrived at The Tweet House before the party that night… but it was a little chilly.  There happened to be a girl’s hoodie on the bench where we sat, which led to the first photo of the week…

Sledge and The Hoodie

Sledge rocked the hoodie the entire night even though it was a few sizes too small, skin-tight and we had no clue who left it there.  It was memorable.  It made people laugh.  Are you finding ways to capture memorable moments in your community?