How the incredible Old Spice videos are being made and a few of my favorites

How the Old Spice videos are being madeIf you’ve lived under a rock the last two days… you may have missed that Isaiah Mustafa (the man on a horse) is responding to individual tweets, Facebook and Youtube comments. The videos are hilarious and personal.

ReadWriteWeb just posted some insight into how the videos are being made. Check it out.

The fact that these videos are being made very close to real time is something astonishingly new.  Old Spice is rapidly building a loyal community of followers by using an innovative campaign.

It will be interesting to see how long this continues and what they’ll do to follow it up.

Which video is your favorite?

A few of my favorites are below, including replies to two friends named Jason (Peck and Keath).

Response to @jasonpeck

Response to @jakrose

Response to Alyssa Milano

Response to 12755JDH