Why I was totally wrong about Quora and now love it

I was skeptical.

I have too many things to keep up with already.

Half the time I suck at the things I do keep up with.

I routinely fail at Twitter and checked my Google Reader and Tumblr for the first time in three months today.

Enter Quora.


I like good marketing books as much as the zombie kid likes turtles. I asked this simple question.

Now, I honestly can’t keep up. I’ve had incredible responses in minutes. Including Dave Morin, Ramit Sethi and other folks that I look up to. Minutes.

I’m getting an update notification per sentence typed in this post.

Which leads me to my main point…

I am an idiot.

I refer to myself as a dumb guy, but I honestly doubted Quora. Purely for intelligent Q&A alone… this is gold. Consider me sold, hooked, signed, sealed, delivered. This is awesome.

Now I have the best marketing and product book list there is and it is being added to as I type.

Join in with your suggestions.