StartupBus is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. If I only had an invite…

ReadWriteWeb posted an article today about finding a ride to SXSW… while the title was pretty decent link bait, it completely undersold the extremely awesome idea of StartupBus.

From RWW:

Why hop a plane to SXSW this year when you can get on a bus? Okay, let’s rephrase that – why hop a plane when you can get on a bus with 20-something other folks, drive across country, and try to formulate a viable startup idea along the way? At least that’s the idea behind the Startup Bus, the brainchild of Elias Bizannes, which is now in its second, vastly expanded incarnation.

I hope you can grasp the awesomeness of this. To illustrate, I illustrated… with my incredibly mediocre at best art skills.


Take a bunch of smart people and throw them in a bus for a roadtrip.

If you’re passionate about startups, you will understand how unbelievable awesome this is. The goal is to work through ideas and launch a startup when the bus arrives.

This. Is. Awesome.

I’d love to be on the bus as brainstorming is one of my guilty pleasures and I even have a whiteboard in my house (don’t tell anyone though). I have a love for startups as I’ve worn tons of different hats in my career (marketing, IT, HR, product management and social media).

Alas, I have no golden ticket. I need to channel my inner Charlie.

i've got a golden ticket

Are you as passionate about startups as I am? What do you think about this?

And we have a winner. Justin Isaf has saved the day.