Create a social media dunking booth in your company

via Chad Ruback

It makes it pretty simple with that visual.  If you want others using social media, bring them to a key event and throw them in the water.  Immersion will do the work for you if you have any semblance of a fit in social media.

I used to think that a conveyor belt was how I should view that, but maybe that isn’t the best example.  That requires more talking, teaching and explaining.  The nature of social media will do that for us if we give it a chance.

This is a really short post, but does it need much more description?  We need to measure things (that is a different discussion), but if you want more folks involved in social media, are you immersing them?

If you are a community manager, what are you doing to get other folks in the social media dunking booth?  We’re talking a large cross-functional team to SXSW.